General Conditions CDL Summer Camp - 2020


Boarding students: Prices are net and include all expenditures related to summer courses, including housing, tuition, all meals, use of the campus facilities (under supervision), excursions, tours, accident and health insurance. Washing machines and laundry powder are available in each villa. Accommodation is provided with 2, 3 or a maximum of 4 students per room.

Day students: Prices include tuition, lunch and use of school facilities during afternoon activities (under supervision).

Not included in the price for all students: Personal expenses, pocket money, private lessons, Premium Options, travel expenses to and from Geneva, any damage incurred to the equipment/buildings and other expenses not listed above.


Transportation to and from Geneva must be arranged and paid for by parents.

Transfers to and from Geneva airport/CDL are included in the price and arrangements will be organised by CDL.

For students flying as Unaccompanied Minors (UM), parents must:

• complete all UM paperwork directly with the airline company upon booking the ticket and,

• pay the airline company the UM fee for both incoming and returning trips.


If you do not allow the use of photos or video footage of your child(ren) for Collège du Léman Sàrl communication, please let us know in writing.

The consumption of alcohol or drugs is forbidden and will result in the immediate return of the student to his/her country. The payment is not refundable, and the total amount will be forfeited to the school.

Behaviour: All students must follow the boarding house rules. Any student who breaks the rules will have their place reviewed by the Camps Manager. In certain situations, for serious or repeated offences, a student may be asked to leave. In such a situation it is the parents’ responsibility to immediately arrange for the student to return home, at their own expense. The Summer Camp fees will not be refundable.

Payment - Cancellation

The total amount is payable upon registration. The registration becomes definitive and will be confirmed upon receipt of this amount. Any cancellation of Session or Premium Option entitles to a refund according to the following:

• Cancellation before May 1st, 2020: 100% refund of total fees
• Cancellation between May 1st and May 23rd, 2020: 75% refund of total fees – 25% shall be forfeited to the school
• Cancellation between May 24th and June 7th, 2020: 50% refund of total fees – 50% shall be forfeited to the school
• Cancellation between June 8th and June 21st, 2020: 25% refund of total fees – 75% shall be forfeited to the school
• Cancellation after June 21st, 2020: the payment is not refundable – the total amount shall be forfeited to the school

If the student leaves before the scheduled end of his/her stay (unless prior arrangement has been made with the school), the total amount for the session will be forfeited in full to Collège du Léman Sàrl in addition to other due amounts.

A foreign currency invoice can be issued upon request.

Pocket money for your child can be transferred to the school’s account by bank transfer exclusively. Pocket money must be received on the school’s account by the end of June at the latest. We suggest between CHF 100.- and CHF 200.- per week, depending on the student’s age. Any amount remaining will be reimbursed to the student at the end of the session.

In order to complete your application, please note that the following items must be submitted: 

  1. A completed and signed registration form
  2. Payment in full + proof of payment
  3. Student photo (good quality)
  4. Photocopy of student passport or ID card
  5. Students requiring a visa to enter Switzerland should state the location of the Swiss Embassy where the visa request will be made. Please take into consideration that it may take time for the Embassy to process a visa application.
  6. For day applications, a copy of the student’s private medical insurance policy